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How Maple Syrup is Made

Step Two: Collection and Pumping

Diesel generator that supplies the electricity to the  "in woods" part of the operation.
This the "sap camp" where the sap is gathered for transport to the boiling plant. All the trunk lines run into this building.

The vacuum pump that is used to apply about 20 psi to the vacuum lines. Vacuum will increase production about 20 - 30% without damage to the trees.
The vacuum is distributed up the vacuum lines by the extractor.

While the top tank holds a continuous vacuum on the lines the bottom tank fills and dumps on a float system.

This is the extractor dumping about 5 gallons of sap. On a good day it will dump every 15 seconds.

Stainless steel "holding tank" to collect sap to transport to boiling plant.

Booster pump used to pump sap 4500 feet underground through 1½ food grade pipe to boiling plant.

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