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How Maple Syrup is Made


Step Three: Filtering and Boiling

Holding tank at boiling plant to hold sap for processing.
Sap flowing into holding tank.

The R.O. machine. Reverse Osmosis is used to extract water out of the sap. This process will take around 70% of the water out of the sap leaving a concentrate to boil down. This reduces the boiling time and saves fuel.
L'Enfer evaporators are built to ISO 9002 standards.

The evaporator at work producing delicious maple syrup.

Finishing pans on the front of the evaporator hold the syrup that has been already processed in the larger evaporator pan. The syrup flows through a series of pans that have dividers in them to "push" the syrup towards its finished destination.

Electronic probes in the glass tubes monitor the syrup levels to maintain constant flow of syrup through the pans.

Syrup boiling as it reaches the last finishing point.

Anna checking the syrup for color and density. Finished syrup is 66 brix.

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