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Stephenson Family Farm

The Stephenson’s have been tapping the maple trees on the family farm for four generations. We are a family owned and operated in Lansdowne, New Brunswick, Canada. From our trees to your table we strive to be the best maple syrup you can buy. Thanks for visiting us and bringing a taste of Canada to your home.

Where to Buy

Stephenson maple syrup is found locally in Woodstock and Florenceville-Bristol. If you are not close by close we are more than happy to ship!


Maple Recipes

Find some great uses for our maple prodcuts in your kitchen. From breakfast to dinner and dessert these are some time tested classics.


Sugar Shack Products

Find out about the maple products we handcraft here on the farm. Our maple syrup is some of the best you will ever taste.


How is Maple Syrup Made?

Ever wonder how maple syrup is made? Explore how Stephenson Maple Farms makes syrup. From tapping maple trees, collecting sap, boiling and bottling. From ours trees to your table. This is going to be delicious!

Is Maple Syrup Natural?

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Indeed!! Pure Maple Syrup is made from the sap of a maple tree. The sap flows through a maple tree all year long, but in the spring the sap changes to a sweet mixture that brings the tree needed nutrients to waken it from its long winter of dormancy.

What is Grade A Maple Syrup?

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Light transmission is between 44% and 60.4% with a typical maple taste and the colour is amber with a mild and sweet maple flavour. This is the typical maple syrup used on pancakes, cooking, etc.

What is Dark Robust Syrup?

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Grade A Dark Color Robust Taste Maple Syrup is a deep colour, full maple flavour. Typically, made later in the sugaring season as the weather turns warmer. Dark Color Robust Taste maple syrup is often preferred because of its robust maple taste.

Why is Maple Syrup so Pricy?

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Syrup is so expensive because it takes approximately 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup! Plus sap from maple trees only runs from Feburary to March every year. It is a very labour intensive process that requires lots of manpower and many hours of work. 

Does Syrup Taste Different Area to Area?

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Just like wine maple syrup has a different a taste region to region. Soil composition, undergrowth and tree variety in the sugar bush play a part in how syrup will taste. Every region is different but we believe ours is one the best around!